Training Rigs

Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue Training Rigs


By pooling resources with an accredited training provider we are able to offer a real alternative to training solutions that is flexible enough to satisfy many training needs.


Whether it is a new training rig, training , or emergency rescue teams please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be delighted to work with you to discuss your current needs.


We have worked hard to find a solution that will reduce your costs by teaming up with a training provider to enable you to have a training rig at cost, subject to a training contract. 

Chalke Valley Engineering Group Ltd


Since 1998 Chalke Valley Engineering has moved with the changing requirements from customers here in the UK to as far as Australia.

Agricultural attachments were undoubtedly our primary products in the early years, however over the past few years with equal success are products including Industrial training rigs and bespoke fabrication services available from Chalke Valley Engineering Group Ltd.



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